Chris Jones and his acidic semen. Trayvon. Kirk Cameron. Dog fuckers, arm curls, Mad Men, hackers. This week, we could no right. To paraphrase one of you, there was so much fury to our sound. TGIF, haters!

Chris Jones' Jizzum and the Goof Troop Blues

To: A.J.
From: Chris Jones
Bringing my wife and kids into a goofy thing really, really sucks. That's really lousy. Sincerely.

Taking It On the Chen (their line, not mine)

Well I haven't found you but I'm still looking. Their is a toss up about which tells more lies you or a jew or a nigger. You just think you know shit about whites..If you knew just half as much as you lie about you would be able to tell another lie..So you can go back and fix your lying story, by revisting the Christain / Newsum murders.

Baby Suri's Blind, Beautiful Rage

FUCK YOU! You desecrate the internet by your presence!
Her song is better than Jay-z and that fuck-face Kanye.


Da end? Or da beginning?

Email 1
I live in Phoenix and i have a dog and she loves sex. i am out raged. da end.

i finally read your article. My dog is a slut dog but she loves other dogs. not humans. My out rage is needed else where.

Mr. Writer and his Magical Media Wand of Words

After reading this article i have so many emotions racing through my head it hurts. this paragraph upset me the most "Stephanie Eisner is a poor cartoonist with a poor understanding of the racial history of America and a poor understanding of how the modern media works and a poor understanding of "yellow journalism" and a poor understanding of the meaning of "unbiased." That is okay. Stephanie Eisner is young and we all were more or less ignorant of these topics at her age". (oh yeah.. nice grammar Mr. writer) That is blatant ageism and you should be embarrassed! The paragraph gave Stephanie Eisner far more credibility as a journalist than you could ever hope to have. You seem to think that once you reach a certain age a magic wand is waved and you become all knowing. Ignorant and talentless are the only words i can used to describe you. Please do the journalism world a favor and quit already!

Somebody get this lady a double TRUTH burger with cheese

I also attended and left with a totally different opinion. I went hungry and left hungrier for TRUTH. Expectations often alter opinions in movie reviews. Sending in someone who had a very strong negative opinion of the MAN and not necessarily the piece was certainly more than likely to result in a negative and nasty review. Very disturbing. Judge a piece by the content rather than the deliverer.

Kirk Cameron's Neighborhood (Sounds Awful)

BRAVO!!! Great article/review, Mr. Juzwiak!

Thank you for writing it.

Kirk Cameron is my neighbor, here in California, and I was wondering what all the trucks were doing outside his house ALL day, yesterday. Awww, the simulcast! I was also wondering... how many of those people, that were part of the hard working, massive crew, at his house, all day long, working so he could bless his followers with the grace of his righteous presence through his simulcast…how many of them were gay, and how they felt about making this happen for him - even though they were just doing their job. I wanted to stop, each time I drove by, and ask - but, I didn't.

Funny/creepy story: I have lived in this neighborhood for almost seven years. Our very first Halloween in this house, I will never forget it, Kirk Cameron's six children, ranging in age from 4 - 11 (?) (at that time) came knocking on our door. Instead of taking candy from us, the littlest one handed me a card - like the size of a post card. It had printed on it a top ten list of reasons why you should "know" Jesus. Proselytizing babies! That was a first for me!! I told them "no thank you, we are Jewish, and I pointed to the Mezuzah on my door jam. They were unfazed. I wasn't surprised.

He has six children (2 biological/4 adopted). By Gallup Poll figures, every fifth person - at least - is gay…I'm just sayin'!

Thank you again for your brilliant article/review. I am sharing it with everyone I know.

Kirk Cameron Sounds Like a Real Pussy

Rich - read your article on Kirk and Monumental.... I applaud you for taking the time to go and view the documentary... you probably were aware ahead of time what the premise of the film was and after seeing Kirk on several media venues - hopefully heard his response to the questions regarding his thoughts after having questions pressed to him on a recent show - even though the premise of the interview was not held to what was discussed.. but I wish you had come to me regarding second hand information you received supposedly from a "friend" of mine.... which was not entirely correct....

(Speaking of cowardly, a friend of Cameron's publicist says the former Growing Pains star hired a bodyguard to accompany him on a recent trip to New York for fear of backlash to his homophobia.)

I can appreciate your views and I believe if you got to know Kirk your perception of him (based on some interviews) would probably be vastly different.... and though this film was not to your liking - the number of those in attendance would tell you that there is an audience interested in the message and aren't we privileged enough to live in a country where we have the ability to learn more about topics and ideas that interest us even if those interests are vastly different from each other?

With Regards,


Ah, but what about Mother Gaia?

I see more intolerance and hatred from homosexuals toward Christains because God doesn't agree with homosexuality. We follow God and are tolerant of your homosexuality, but we don't agree that it is right. Don't like that idea? Well you better learn to tolerate it cause we aren't going away. Further, I'm sick of homosexuals shoving your homosexual life down my throught through tv shows and ads to try to gain acceptance from the public. The definition of tolerance does not and never has meant acceptance. You lied in your article also because Kirk Cameron never said anything in this film against homosexuals, but you certainly strain to try to prove he thought about it and try to stir shit when nothing was really said. We are entitled to God's opinions. You don't believe in God or what he says go ahead and live that way. But keep your untrue opinions to yourself.

Just an opinion

My opinion about the founders of Facebook: I think they need a psychiatrist.

Not chill, Dude

After Googling your image — it's safe to say you have no idea what you're talking about.

Have you stepped foot into a gym?

I would strongly recommend doing some curls.

You weigh what? 115 wet?

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An Idiot's Response, a Poem

hey i was against zimmerman too...
i heard that screaming on the tape...somebodies scared...but who was it?
it comes out in the police report that zimmerman had lacerations on the back of his head.
and a witness saying he was getting pounded by martin.
i could believe zimmerman could smack himself in the mouth to coverup a shooting.
but have the back of his head all scraped up?
i don't see it.
for whatever reason it started...
it now seems obvious that martin was getting the best of zimmerman at some point.
and now we're hearing martin was actually a big kid.
and the picture splashed everywhere is actually a middle school picture of trayvon???
middle school???
i think you and i got duped.
everything aside... cannot get around the back of zimmerman's head being torn up.
that doesn't happen when your winning a fight.
period. stop. end.
but now there's some million dollar bounty on zimmerman by the black panthers???

you should apologize.
-just my opinion.

Move on sheeple, slavery is old news

Subject: Wearing your big red nose and your floppy shoes? — Your Guide to the Idiotic Racist Backlash Against Trayvon Martin

You are no better than the idiots you are lashing out at. You have no clue what actually happened and are only revealing yourself as another clown in this growing circus. This was a half Hispanic democrat who shot a 17 year old African American while on patrol trying to protect his neighborhood and that is all we know for sure. Based on these facts a horde of ignorant African American sheep and media/political bozos came out of the woodwork crying about "ever present problem" of white-on-black crime. Are you serious? According to the FBI's National Crime Victimization Survey (which I know is not perfect) Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery. Blacks are three times more likely to use a hand gun, and twice more likely to use a knife. Hispanics commit three times more violent crimes than whites, but the statistics are nebulous because sometimes they are classified as white, so it could be far higher. The best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percent of the population that is black and Hispanic. Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery. Forty-five percent of black crime is against whites, 43 against other blacks, and 10 percent against Hispanic. I am sure this is just some white wing conspiracy to keep the black man down. Right....

You want a peek into the minds of most southern white "folks" whom racism is commonly attributed... we see African Americans as people and that is it. Unfortunately, it is those "people" who, on average, continually make poor decisions and then blame "the white man" for there actions. It is sickening that a large portion of African Americans are perpetuating racism and holding on to slavery as there source of anger; get over yourselves and move forward. Slavery was a crime committed against African American ancestors which was a horrible tragedy, but we as American people need to move on. My ancestors were slaves too, but you do not see my people blaming all their hardships on someone else. It's pathetic and if the African American masses want a seat at a civilized table then they need to get their head out of their asses, stop pointing fingers, stop killing each other and celebrating a culture that perpetuates a "ghetto" stereotype.

Idiots like you mascaraing as intellectuals are nothing more than lemmings with misguided anger who would better serve society by jumping of a cliff in droves.

If you can't trust Gawker, who can you trust?

"Trayvon Martin was not "urban." Trayvon Martin was black. That is also why he was shot."

You wonder why the black community rose up in protest and why the police have pushed back with more information? In large part because you/ your website and other media, make comments like this, without any proof or facts. Now everyone involved is being destroyed by investigation, because of terrible headline chasing writing, like yours.

Just a terrible job, by you, as a person and professional.
Gawker was supposed to be about the truth.

If you have any defense of this, please retort. I doubt you can.

A.J:Regina George, Ann Curry:Janis Ian

Subject: Ann Curry Will be Fired
Excuse me, but you should be fired for writing such a hateful article! Everyone does not hate Ann! How would you feel if such a mean spirited article were written about yourself??? Why kick a person when they are down??? Good Grief, grow up will you!!! You are not in high school anymore!!!

And yes, I'm drunk BUT

Dear Gawker,
I am writing you out of concern - concern for my generation, a generation that constitutes a wide swathe of your readership. You see, you are our biological father and we have tracked you down by way of thumb and bus to this remote corner of the world and now we are hanging on each word that comes tumbling out of your mouth though we have no knowledge of the circumstances surrounding them or the architect behind their design. You are flippant, charming even, possessed of a nonchalant daring that has us all weepy eyed for our lost youth – the one where you taught us to catch a baseball with the mitt your own father taught you to catch with. Do you understand? You have a platform. We've assigned to you the weight of authority (though most of us won't admit it, we will say "our smarmy sense of self-importance is our own" but don't believe that because it is bullshit).

There is no fury to your sound. You're bored even in your rage. And us, all of us, we're all just as bored. And yes, I am drunk but I think you'll understand given how much I've had to drink (I'm a lightweight by way of genetic inheritance). I am less giving you a tip and more asking you a favor; tell us to stop fucking quoting your writers and tell your writers to stop fucking quoting the ones who came before them before it's too late, before we're all marching in one long conga line down some endless beach leaving one long set of lukewarm tracks. If that's the way it's headed than we're all just going to be forgotten as one big pixilated non-entity. This is why I love rural towns full of what your readers imagine to be promethean fuckheads all dragging their hairy knuckles to the local wal-mart while sipping out of a beer-hat embossed with a burning effigy of Dale Earnhardt. It's because, by virtue of their intellectual apathy, they are completely original. Every conclusion they come to they come to by way of a kind-of spiritual archaeology. They are rooting around in there with a tiny brush and a tiny chisel and digging up from their own guts an observation devoid of academic or popular lineage. It is their own completely.

Fuck it. INSUMMARY – TELL US (ALL OF US) TO DO THE SAME. I am getting fucking worn-out by how completely bored of everything we bastard children of academia are. That's my tip.

No Ignorance In the Work Place

You write on TV, and haven't watched the most influential drama of the past several years or the full Sopranos. Prideful ignorance is its own excuse, but why should anyone countenance your uninformed opinions. You, your editor or human resources should do better.

Amended: Rich Kids with Trust Funds Don't Go Into Advertising, By Skip Bayless

People don't just work in advertising. And when I say that I don't mean it in a good or bad way - it's just the truth. It's not as if people go into advertising because they "couldn't make it" as a novelist or musician. EVERYONE I know who is a creative in advertising has their side projects. Every writer is writing scripts, every art director is also painting - and some even have had books published, or their bands signed, or their art in gallery's.

All that you're saying in this piece is that to be a true artist you can't use your skills to make money - you have to suffer through life as a barista or waiter because that is what's authentic and grungy. What you seem to overlook is the fact that if you want to be a writer, writing advertisements and getting paid $75,000 a year while pursuing your dream asa novelist is a far better use of your 8-hour work day to pay the rent than mixing drinks or working in a department store.

Your headline should really read "Rich Kids with Trust Funds Don't Go Into Advertising." Because those are the only people who have the luxury of being able to spend all day fiddling around with their acoustic guitars and smoking American Spirits talking about what they'll have in their riders when their band "blows up."

Another thing that both you and Drew failed to recognize in your pieces is that a lot of TV spots are far funnier and interesting than the programming they're advertising on.

Look at things like ESPN This Is Sports Center ads - particularly the original batch from the mid 90's: Are you telling me those aren't more interesting and funny than SportsCenter? There are a lot of great advertisements that are funnier than the skits you're typically seeing on SNL week in week out.

Watch the Nike "short film" Write the Future if you haven't already seen it. It's probably one of the best pieces of content I saw all of last year - not because it was an ad for Nike, but because oit was an amazingly crafted story. That's what some (I'm not saying all) ads can do.

Your argument sounded like something Skip Bayless would rattle off at 8am on ESPN 7.

This guy's got a point. They wouldn't.

Mr Hamilton,

It was obvious from your latest on Gawker that you actually don't know actually know anything about the marketing and communications industry. The mere fact that you actually refer it as the "advertising industry" makes it obvious you've been watching too much Mad Men in bed with your wife.

Hope you're being fulfilled in your creatively superior role as a "journalist" or "writer", not that an any actual journalist or writer would (or does) ever consider you akin.