"Yes, yes - it was a stupid joke," Two and a Half Men co-creator Lee Aronsohn tweeted. "I'm sorry." Kind of a weak apology given how thoroughly he pissed everyone off.

Aronsohn got in trouble for remarks he made during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. When asked about female-centric sitcoms like 2 Broke Girls, Aronsohn dismissed the genre with, "Enough, ladies. I get it. You have periods." He followed that up with a line that is almost hateful enough to have appeared on Two and a Half Men: "We're approaching peak vagina on television, the point of labia saturation."

Apparently, Aronsohn was just being ironic. Earlier today, he tweeted, "Women, please look up 'irony.'" (In his defense, it's a hard word.) But that tweet has been deleted, and now all that's left is his half-assed apology. Oh, and the comments he made about negative female stereotypes during his keynote address at the Toronto Screenwriting Conference.

Screw it. We're centering the show on two very damaged men. What makes men damaged? Sorry, it's women. I never got my heart broken by a man.

Perhaps those remarks were ironic, too. And Two and a Half Men has been a decade-long satire on the patriarchy.

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