Thinking about Scandal put Prince's "Scandalous" (from the Batman soundtrack, haha) in my head. That song's...all right. I feel like he perfected its template two albums later with the similarly slow and explicit "Insatiable." This is my second-favorite sex ballad of Prince's. The incomplete progression goes something like:

"Do Me Baby" > "Insatiable" > "Crucial" > "I Love U In Me" > "Slow Love" > "International Lover" > "Scandalous" >>>>>>>>>>> "Ripopgodazippa"

With this hierarchy, I'm not talking about his uptempo sleaze ("Gett Off," "Erotic City") or songs that sound like sex that aren't actually about it ("The Beautiful Ones"). I am especially not including his straight-up love songs. In that case, "Adore" would be at the top of the list because it's basically the best song of all time.