A study released by the Swedish National Road and Transport Institute (VTI), an independent government agency, claims that banning texting while driving is pointless, as the practice does not increase the risk of crashing.

Another reason for Sweden to avoid prohibiting hands-on cell phone use while in the driver's seat, according to VTI? Because "people wouldn't adhere to the law."

"It is our opinion that a combination of different countermeasures - which educate and inform the driver, while at the same time support him or her in a safe usage of communication devices - is preferable to a law against communication device usage while driving," said the institute in a statement.

The Swedish Parliament is currently pushing for a law requiring drivers to use hands-free devices for texting and talking while driving. Sweden is one of only a handful of European counties without a ban on texting behind the wheel, the others being Malta, Moldova, Serbia, and Albania.

[image via Shutterstock]