This week's emails spoke of a time long, long ago, when it was good to be a Democrat and it wasn't considered a pool party unless there were a minimum of six topless women present. Here, here. Please enjoy this hateful groups of emails; who knows, maybe you'll even learn something along the way?

Evenly Weighted

Kelly & Christina have both been fat. They lost weight. They don't Ike each other. Why take sides?

Sigh. Oh, to Be a Young Right Winger Again.

Geez John, do you have any adults working there?,......Come on dick breath, old is that pic.?
Besides, Only ONE topless chick?.,....ONLY ONE? Shit, Bill and I are both from the Island,and about the same age,...when I was that age we would have 6-8 topless girls in the pool with us. Soooo ,....what's the big deal,....that's all you got....
Heck I thoufht you had a new trashing story, Hey, yourself and your site a favor the next time you attack
some one famous,.who is a right winger, get some NEW stuff, not the headliner to puked out this time.
FU very much John {too}
ps, my spell ck. is off and i don't give a shit..........

Constructing Hatemail, Lesson One: let your font do the ranting for you
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Lesson Two: Don't be afraid to add a dash of color

Sound Advice

Just read the "FOX NEWS MOLE" story.As a fellow lib,here s a tip of advice:Get a F*CKING life! This kind of childish crap makes us all look bad.If you dont like Fox,dont watch it.


You are all! Weasel…weasel…weasel….weasel

My Only Exception

Subject: Best Job, period, dot, you can't beat this.

Met the dude on a plane. This is a real job, not made up crap like you listed. He flies around the country teaching cops how to work with Harley Davidson cop bikes. He teaches them to riding maneuvers, mobile shooting, how to dump it to go on foot, how to ride it off road, how to use it for cover from gun-fire either parked or riding, how to run cars or other bikes off the road, how to knock down running criminals without killing them, hand to hand combat from the bike and even knife fighting!

To cap it all off, he was lean, muscular and handsome. It was the only time in my life I wanted to trade places with a black man – generally, I'll take the whole being white thing. But this dude was almost like a real super hero. I might have even gone gay for him!

Pauly D

Hate much??????

Good Buddy of Joe's

I know your Fox spy. A waste of a story - childish and immature.

A Journalist and His Silver Spoon: The Hamilton Nolan Story

Mr. Nolan,

Your 4/9 article on the economy belies the tired, hypocritical and nasty perspective that colors all of your writing. As the grandson of a Chase Manhattan senior VP, you no doubt continue to enjoy the monetary benefits of being part of society's upper crust.

Although you railed against "white guilt" in an article later on 4/9, you are a victim of the same affliction you criticize. After benefiting monetarily from your grandfather (and how you got a career in journalism I assume) you now feel guilty and thus write about the "greed" that got you where you are today.

Here's an idea; work a real job. Put in 50 hours a week creating something of value, not opining on articles you didn't write, steadily increase your income and then suffer the taxes of your hard work.

You bleeding hearts and reverse-racists are the reason Dems won't win the house and will lose the senate this fall. (Though thankfully Obama will still win, no thanks to you)


A democrat from before 2000

Blame the Suits

I use to come to the gawker site about 5-7 times a day. In the last two weeks, I've been there exactly 3 times and then I only clicked on a single post. The content is beginning to get very sucky, Gawker. Perhaps it's these new writers. Perhaps it's the "suits" dictating content, but whatever it is, it utterly boring.

I'll check back in another month to see if anything's changed. Hope I don't forget about you between now and then.

The Seventh Surface of Hell

You are a piece of crap. Rot on hell

A Logistician's Dilemma
So why is being anti-anything bigotry? I don't know the guy, but by the definition above, has he expressed hatred for them, or has he simply expressed his beliefs? If he has, please provide specific examples.

By definition, tolerance doesn't mean agreeing with or believing the same thing as someone else. It's the willingness to not do crap like the radical Islamists do.
Sometimes the most intolerant people are those that call others intolerant.

For example. I believe based on my understanding of the scriptures, that homosexuality is wrong. Now let's see how many people call me a homophobe etc etc etc.

This is why I am really starting to reconsider being a subscriber, with both Gawker and Gizmodo. It begs the question, does Gawker media even care what I think?

A Message for Ms. Stern

Dearest Gawker Author,

I'm sure you're only begrudgingly writing these inane blurbs about the minutiae of Zooey Deschanel's life after her publicist made you guys and offer you couldn't refuse. But really, these articles are awful. You have to stop writing them. Tell Remy Stern she has betrayed Gawker readers with this cheap sell out. ZD is overexposed as it is. As a loyal reader, I expected better from Gawker and its writers.



Gawker: Tomorrow's Anti-White News

definitely a racist anti-white anti civilised website,go and move to detroit-i bet you wont.
are you a jew-peitzman,it would explain everything.

Marty's Blog

If you had actually read Marty Rathbun's blog instead of shooting from the hip with another cute article attacking "Scientology" as a generality, you would have understood that Marty considers himself to be a Scientologist and that the current Church of Scientology has thoroughly departed from the principles of the subject as set forth by L. Ron Hubbard The principal participants in Marty's blog are not as you call them "ex-Scientologists," but mainly people who consider themselves to be Independent
Scientologists, although there are of course persons of all types of persuasions.

Also I do not appreciate your recounting some tale about "Xenu" as if you knew anything about it, apparently just repeating what you have been told by somebody else. It is said that this character is found in the written materials of the Scientology Solo auditing level known as OT III, but I wouldn't know as I have never done it. I take it you have never done the level either, and you should make facile, shallow statements about what that level may be about, or what it may have to do with the subject of Scientology or the writings of L Ron Hubbard.

Please take a clue and know what you are writing about before you write, and please just omit the cute and undoubtedly inaccurate misdescriptions of the auditing level known as OT III, and what it might have to do with the subject as a whole.