Have you heard that video is a big thing over at Gawker Media? It's true, we watch and post a lot of videos each week. Here are some of the best videos of week, culled from an array of Gawker Media sites.

Inside the Walls of Jimmy Fallon's Estate, Downton Sixbey

When it comes to Downton Abbey parodies, one really can never get enough. That's why it's most fortunate that Jimmy Fallon has decided to bring us Downton Sixbey. Enter into the estate that is contained within the halls of Studio 6B, and you will encounter a suspiciously masculine-looking Dowager Countess, a painfully slow iron-footed valet, Brooke Shields as one Lady Nora, many telegrams, and a hot air balloon tragedy that could change everything. Yes, the accents are a little uneven, but the lovely Fred Armisen as the sad yet hilarious Lady Edith more than makes up for it. View »

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Appears On TV, Retains Ridiculous Photogenicity

Zeddie Watkins Little, better known in some Internet circles as Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, brought his winning smile to this morning's Good Morning America in an effort to increase the reach of his lifelong ambition: To effortlessly charm the pants off every single consenting adult in America. View »

Peter Bourjos Has Our First Inside-The-Park Homer Of The Season

The world record for fastest run around the bases is held by Evar Swanson, who did it in 13.3 seconds back in 1929. Peter Bourjos of the Angels came within a second of that tonight, and he thought he might've flied out to the warning track. Instead, Josh Willingham took a tumble and Bourjos came around in an astonishing 14.26 seconds, for the first inside-the-park HR of the 2012 season. View »

Watch A Heroic Vietnamese Cop Cling Desperately To The Windshield Of This Speeding Bus

Traffic police 2nd Lt. Nguyen Manh Phan ordered a bus driver to present his papers on Monday, in Hanoi. The driver instead tried to flee, and the traffic cop leapt onto the front of the bus, holding on for half a mile. View »

Awkward Speed Dating Moment Rescued by World of Warcraft

The true power of World of Warcraft was unleashed during the second episode of BBC program World Series of Dating, when a pair of awkward strangers suddenly discover they have one major thing in common. View »

Man and His Pet Polar Bear Enjoy a Casual Afternoon Swim

Spending the afternoon in the pool with your dog (or unusually brave cat) sounds fun, but what if your pet is a polar bear? A polar bear? Yes, a polar bear. Mark Dumas and his pet polar bear Dawn enjoy taking the occasional dip together, and, while it does look quite refreshing, it's hard to imagine one could ever relax fully knowing they could be mauled at any instant? Dumas has raised Dawn since she was six weeks old, so one hopes she knows not to pummel to death the hand that feeds her. Still, she's certainly a riskier swimming companion than your average Golden Retriever. View »

This Diesel Rat Rod Might Twist Your Face Off

The truckish rat rod started out as a California avocado-getter, but now it's packing a 400-hp Powerstroke diesel from a Ford F-350, producing 700 lb-ft of cranking force. It's also a horror flick waiting to happen. John Carpenter's Face Twister: Torque of Madness, perhaps. View »

A Bunch Of Former Child Stars Blast Kirk Cameron For Being A Bigot

Adventures in Babysitting's Keith Coogan, Step by Step's Christine Lakin, Charles in Charge's Josie Davis, and other former child stars take a decisive stand against fellow junior thespian Kirk Cameron and his cocky opinions on the "detrimental" and "destructive" nature of homosexuality. View »

New Avengers clip shows Nick Fury getting pissy with Maria Hill

There are plenty of other characters to get excited about in The Avengers besides the team of superheroes. We're probably most excited to see the bad-ass Cobie Smulders play S.H.I.E.L.D agent Maria Hill. This latest clip, which premiered on The Late Show with David Letterman, demonstrates the tense relationship between Hill and her boss, Nick Fury. I can't wait to see Hill throw down! The Avengers will hit theaters on May 4, 2012. View »

American Hero Stops NYC Subway Scuffle With Casual Snacking

Heading uptown on the 6 train, this woman sits down next to me. Then all of a sudden she jumps up and starts wailing this guy in the face. View »

TV People Have Mispronounced Louis Oosthuizen's Name At Least 20 Different Ways In The Past 24 Hours

Bubba Watson's sudden-death Masters win yesterday over Louis Oosthuizen and the albatross Oosthuizen hit early in the Sunday round have placed television anchors and reporters in the unenviable position of having to pronounce the name of the South African pro. We found dozens of mispronunciations of Oosthuizen's name, but here are our 20 favorites, along with the correct pronunciation hidden somewhere inside. Can you find it? View »

You're Trapped Inside a Gigantic Claw Machine. What Do You Do?!

It's all fun and games until the giant claw descends from the sky and threatens to make you the unwilling plaything of a surly teenager. View »

Maya Rudolph Has a Pretty Hilarious Nicki Minaj Impression Up That Sleeve of Hers

We know that Maya Rudolph is great at impersonations from her SNL days (her Whitney impersonation is almost as missed as Houston herself), but can she do them rapid-fire? Unsurprisingly, she can. Remember: The key to a good impression isn't voice mimicry, it's capturing the essence of whoever it is your impersonating and capturing essences - in this case those of Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and (best of all) Gwen Stefani - is what Rudolph does best. View »

There's A New Dunk Of The Year Candidate, And It's This Durant-To-Westbrook Alley-Oop

Okay, so we're getting a bit repetitive. First this was the dunk of the year, then this was in the running too. Yeah, yeah, they're all great dunks, and so is this one, from the second quarter of tonight's Thunder-Kings tussle in Oklahoma City. What's it got going for it? Well, it's a lob, and while Blake Griffin's brought us plenty of those (many via Chris Paul), they're more about brute strength than the athleticism we see here from Westbrook (and Durant, for that matter, who gets up the court and into position to make the pass really beautifully). Maybe we don't have to rank these things. Maybe we can just say "that's a great dunk." View »

Watch Soviet-Era Off-Roaders Perform An Ice Ballet

Like bears in tutus, 8x8 Tatra 813s are not the best dancers. You'll see what I mean when you watch these 30-ton machines attempt a beautifully choreographed ballet on ice. View »

What Battlefield Might Look Like With Google Glasses

Google Glasses is somewhat of a creepy concept, but it can also mean a drastic change for gamers. Imagine playing the next Battlefield title like something of an ARG, where the playing field is the literal space you stand in. View »

Jalen Rose Called Out Skip Bayless's High School Hoops Fantasy And Bayless Confessed

After reports emerged yesterday that ESPN's Skip Bayless had grossly exaggerated his high school basketball career-claiming he started for a state finalist team when his own high school yearbook suggests he averaged just 1.4 points per game-First Take panelist and actual basketball star Jalen Rose chose a perfect moment to call Skip out on his boasting. View »

This Video Of A Corgi Being Vacuumed Is Guaranteed To Ward Off Evil Spirits

There is only one known cure for the bad luck that is associated with Friday the 13th, and that's cute dog videos. View »