¡Hola! That is what the state of Arizona says to its Mexican friends and residents, to distract them from the knife being plunged into their backs at the same moment. The primary problem facing the foreclosure-wracked drought-plagued desert state of Arizona: Mexicans learning things. Arizona will put a stop to that—¡muy rapido!

Hero Arizona school superintendent John "white guy" Huppenthal has already worked to outlaw a Mexican-American studies program in the state's schools. One problem: the fiendish Mexicans are still perpetrating their dirty education to college students. Good white Arizonans, John Huppenthal asks you: do you want to live in a state in which your innocent white daughter might, at the fair age of 19 or so, be exposed to Mexican history—when she's supposed to be learning? John Huppenthal didn't think so. That's why he wants to abolish "the department of Mexican-American studies at [the University of Arizona] and other such college-level programs in the state." You teach a kid about Mescans and they're hooked for life.

John Huppenthal, the superintendent of public instruction in the state and a member of the Arizona Board of Regents, told FOX News Latino last month that the university produced teachers who then taught in programs such as the Tucson school district, where, he said, the curriculum teaches students to hate Anglos. "I think that's where this toxic thing starts from, the universities," Huppenthal told Fox News Latino.

I think that's where this toxic thing starts—in John Huppenthal's shed, where he huffs toxic chemicals for a short-lived "high" and then sets statewide educational policy.

¡Bienvenido a la escuela!

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