During the Great American Panel segment on last night's Hannity, Political commentator Bob Beckel inadvertently let an expletive fly in the direction of "Defender of Liberty" Jennifer Stefano, believing the show to be off the air.

Beckel and Stefano were in the midst of a heated debate as the show was returning from commercial, and the former Democratic campaign strategist thought the show was still off when he dropped a bellowing F-bomb on Stefano.

Though he initially balked when asked by Sean Hannity to apologize, Beckel quickly relented, but also remarked that the host should "run his show a little better" and inform his guests when the commercial break ends. Stefano and Tea Party activist Neal Boortz pounced on the comment, with Stefano calling Beckel a "typical liberal" for having "no personal responsibility." Later, Stefano told Mediaite she was "confident that, if Bob had realized we were live, he wouldn't have said that," and that "compared to President Obama selling us off to Russia on a hot mic, Beckel came out well."

Beckel, who expressed a concern that he would be fired over the fleeting fuck, doubled down on his apology by taking to Twitter after the show to pen another mea culpa: "I apologize to anyone who heard me on Hannity. I honestly thought we were off air. I just may not be cut out for the tv business. Peace."

[video via martysoffice via The Atlantic Wire]