In the spirit of today's ‘90s musings, here's my favorite R&B one-hit wonder recording of the post-new jack swing era (well, maybe second favorite after Adina "Freak Like Me" Howard). The ‘90s were a big time for gangstas-are-people-too sentiment, but it mostly just came via cinema like Boyz N the Hood and Menace II Society. "Gangsta Lean" was the rare example of this in song, providing a nice counterpoint to the superheroic (or vigilante-esque or whatever) imagery of gangsta rap.

The sermon in this song's bridge still gets me ("And that's somebody's daddy, somebody's baby, that's somebody's homey," sniff sniff). This also strikes me as a fantastic karaoke song. Might be hard to come by, and not everyone would recognize it, but those who would probably would become your friends for life.