Hey everyone: Before you send an important email make sure you check to see that you didn't accidentally attach a webcam picture of a topless woman. That includes you, hacktivist collective Anonymous.

We got the above email early this morning from "V" at Anonybook, a radical Facebook alternative developed by self-proclaimed members of Anonymous. The email was about how Facebook is somehow "causing grief for Anonybook," though this urgent message was overshadowed by the pair of anonymous webcam boobs attached where a press release was supposed to be, which we have censored. (Could it have been an amorous token one of Anonymous' naked groupies?)

V quickly followed up with the correct attachement: an announcement that Anonybook was banning all Facebook employees. They wrote:

Our apologies on the possible attachment of an image of a shirtless woman in the last email instead of our intended attachment; it was certainly committed in error.

No word on exactly Facebook is 'causing grief' for Anonybook or, more importantly, whose boobs those were.