Semi-retired Florida-based gyno Dr. Adam Ostrzenski claims in a paper published today in the Journal of Sexual Medicinethe ninth most influential urology & nephrology journal — that he has managed to track down the physical whereabouts of the mythical G-spot.

Dr. Ostrzenski, who is the director of something called the "Institute of Gynecology," took apart the vagina of a deceased 83-year-old woman "layer by layer" and uncovered a three-part "worm-like" structure with a "bluish, grape-like appearance" inside a small sac between the vagina and the urethra, which he claims is the G-spot.

His proof? The structure's three regions "resemble erectile tissue – normally found in areas such as the clitoral body."

But people like behavioral neuroscientist Barry Komisaruk of Rutgers University say what Ostrzenski found might just be a tumor. Komisaruk's colleague, renowned sexologist and co-coiner of the term "G Spot" Beverly Whipple, says Ostrzenski's "G spot" doesn't appear to have any nerve endings, precluding it from playing a part in sexual arousal.

And then there's the no-small-matter of Ostrzenski's red-flag-raising cosmetic specialty: G-Spot Augmentation.

In short: Fellas — best keep looking.

[image via Shutterstock]