Dr. McDreamy of Seattle Grace — or Patrick Dempsey, as he's known to non-obsessives — did that obnoxious real-life hero thing hunky actors keep doing. I actually think Dempsey may beat Ryan Gosling in the rescue-off, because his story is just a lot cooler.

When 17-year-old Weston Massett crashed and flipped his Mustang down the road from Dempsey's house, the actor rushed outside with a crowbar to pry the doors open. The first thing Weston saw when he opened his eyes: Dempsey's concerned face.

Massett asked, "Are you famous?" ... and Patrick coolly replied, "I'm a doctor."

I mean, honestly, did he say that? If he said that, the man is obviously an actor and a doctor and a comedian and some kind of angel.

Anyway, Weston's doing fine — as is the other passenger in the car, who wasn't injured at all. Patrick Dempsey is also A-OK, though he's likely fending off more sexual advances than usual.

[Image via AP]