The best/worst grandparents of all time took their granddaughter (not pictured) on a joy ride she won't soon forget. Paul and Belinda Berloni used dog leashes to tie their granddaughter's Hot Wheels car to their SUV's trailer hitch, then proceeded to drive her around. Also, Paul was drunk and driving without a license, because he had his revoked 10 years ago for a DUI.

OK, it doesn't sound good, but no one was injured, and in the end, isn't that really what matters? Also, it was all in good fun.

Belinda Berloni was riding in the vehicle's cargo area 'with the rear hatch open cheering the child on as she was being pulled behind the vehicle'.

The arrest report said she told the deputy they knew it was dangerous but it was also fun and they had been doing it all day.

The grandparents are currently in jail without bail, because "good times" aren't a legitimate defense against charges of child endangerment and driving under the influence.

There's a lot to love about this story, but I think one line is the real winner: "The deputy estimated that the Hot Wheels car was traveling between five and ten miles per hour when it was stopped."

[Image via Shutterstock]