What a day for News Corp: First Rupert Murdoch is ruled by Members of Parliament to be unfit to run a major international company; then, The Sun publishes a press-halting exposé on the emerging trend of "wacky cat pics" allegedly "wowing the web."

It's true! Netizens from GeoCities to Angelfire are going absolutely pets.com for these cuddly, Cheezburger-crazy furballs and the "silly captions describing them."

Some, however, are not quite as smitten as they should be with these so-called "lolcats" (so named "after net slang for 'laughing out loud'").

Sun reader finaldj made this valid argument: "It would be funnier if it was in english 'can I haz' whats all that about crap." Indeed.

Luckily, Sun reader sunsAndy was on hand to set the buzzkill straight: "Its supposed to represent how the cat would speak if the cat could speak. It adds cuteness." It sure does.

What will the Internet think of next?

[Screengrab via Geekosystem]