As you've probably already heard, Gawker Stalker is back—much to the chagrin of a certain salt-and-peppered, pig-loving, A-lister. And to celebrate its return, Gawker has teamed up with Samsung SMART cameras to bring you some handy-dandy tips for spotting your very own fameball. Over the next few days we'll be giving you some expert advice on where the beautiful people hang, how to tell if they're actually really important, and how to take the best possible photo if you do happen across a celeb in the wild.

The first step to seeing celebrities is figuring out where they congregate. This is actually pretty easy, because, as it turns out, stars are just like us! They sometimes wear sweatpants, and pickup dog poop, and purchase over-priced coffee drinks as if they weren't really famous at all. Below are some less-than-glam locations that they've been known to haunt:

They Work Out Just Like Us!

The Soho Equinox is filled with the most beautiful people in the world—looking their absolute worst. Join up, and you could be tread milling next to/ smelling a hideously sweaty version of your favorite morning show host in no time.

Or if you happen to be doing your star-ogling on the west coast, head to Coldwater Canyon Park in the Hollywood Hills. Slightly less exposed than the reality star-favored Runyon Canyon, Coldwater is the perfect place to spot a celeb hiking in their natural habitat, or at least, a natural habitat.

They Eat and Drink Just Like Us!

Much like most living, breathing water-based organisms, celebrities need nutrient-rich sustenance in order to survive, therefore the Silver Lake Trader Joe's in LA is a great spot to observe stars as they stock up on a year's worth Candy Cane Joe-Joe's (seriously, have you tried them? They are amazing).

And for those of you who are in the City that Never Sleeps, and yet need a caffeine buzz, you basically can't go to a coffee shop in the West Village without running into a soy chai latte-chugging sitcom star. Try Mojo Coffee (who regularly updates their Facebook page with mentions of their latest famous customers) on Charles Street or Bonsignour on Jane Street.

They Wear Clothes Just Like Us!

If can't walk in their shoes, at least you can use their drycleaner. A sign out front Ramon's Tailor Shop in NoLita boasts that it's the "Tailor to the Stars", and indeed, sartorially-inclined socialites flock there to take advantage of the small store's multitude of services.

The Grove, L.A's outdoor shopping mall, was perhaps built with no other reason than to provide a safe space for the celeb-curious to observe their favorite star's spending habits. Watch closely and you could become the proud owner of the exact same micro bandage dress your favorite songstress wore in her third trimester.

The best possible tip for maximizing your star sighting? Make sure you always have your Samsung SMART camera with you. With a long list of incredible features—including the ability to snap a picture, and effortlessly send it via wi-fi to an email account (like or you preferred social network—Samsung's SMART cameras are just what you need to become a paparazzo-in-training.

Head here for more info on the entire line of Samsung SMART cameras, and check back in a few days for some tips on spotting stars in more swanky surroundings.