As you've probably already heard, Gawker Stalker is back—much to the chagrin of a certain salt-and-peppered, pig-loving, A-lister. And to celebrate its return, Gawker has teamed up with Samsung SMART cameras to bring you some handy-dandy tips for spotting your very own fameball. Over the next few days we'll be giving you some expert advice on where the beautiful people hang, how to tell if they're actually really important, and how to take the best possible photo if you do happen across a celeb in the wild.

Last time we showed you where to go to see stars when they are acting like Normals, but who really wants to see famous folk when they are looking less than stellar? Below are some oh-so-trendy-it-hurts locales known for featuring the occasional guest star:

Celebs are most easily spotted in their native habitats—primarily New York or L.A. (unless they've been exiled to some god-forsaken fly-over state that has lots of tax exemptions for filming), so try hanging around "cool places" with one word names that serve 29-ingredient cocktails. However, keep one piece of advice in mind: if a magazine has recently described a venue as a "star-studded hotspot" than the only celebrities you're going to see are reality show rejects and troubled tween sensations.

You Like Them, You Really, Really Like Them

If there is a big event (e.g. fashion week, various film festivals, etc.) happening in your town, then your chance of rubbing famous elbows increases ten-fold—because as everyone knows celebrities absorb their powers from the light of a million red carpet flash bulbs. Even if you can't get tickets to the festivities, try lurking in lower Manhattan during late April for the Tribeca Film Festival, or any time from December through February in L.A.—the stars will be out in droves for awards season.

Check Out Time

Stars are like insecure sorority girls; they judge their self worth on how many beds they can sleep in during a single week. So while you are pinching your pennies trying to afford that 7-story walk up in Bensonhurst, they are flitting like butterflies from one hotel to the next. Stake out the lobby of the Ace Hotel in NYC while slurping shellfish at the John Dory Oyster Bar, or look for ghosts (and phantasmal fameballs) at L.A.'s famous Chateau Marmont.

Fame Famished

Contrary to popular belief, celebrities do eat. When they aren't dining on the souls of aspiring actresses, they can be found munching on strange cuts of meat at Animal in West Hollywood, or schmoozing in a dark recess of the notoriously star-pocked Spotted Pig in New York.

The best possible tip for maximizing your star sighting? Make sure you always have your Samsung SMART camera with you. With a long list of incredible features— the 1.5" front-facing LCD screen on the DV300 (so you can get in the pic with your starry subject) and 720p HD Movie Recording—Samsung's SMART cameras are just what you need to become a paparazzo-in-training.

Head here for more info on the entire line of Samsung SMART cameras, and check back in a few days for some tips on ensuring that the person you just followed into a dark bar is actually famous.