It's about that time again. Friday's winds have kicked up this week's insults and the smell of blood is in the air. Enjoy the roundup!

In Defense of Peggy Noonan


Just happened to read your article on PN. While I am no PN fan, I am now even less a fan of yours.

You, Sir, are clever, but, alas, a Jerk!

Ron B.

A New Successor

Just when I thought the stupidity of John Cook could not be surpassed, you succeeded. "Guide to Barack Obama..." is something one would expect to read in a (not funny) community college "humor" 'zine. Not sure what's going on with Gawker. Getting exponentially less interesting by the week.

Combine the mind-numbingly unfunny writing (like yours) and the new incomprehensible commenting labyrinth of confusion, not a place I visit often anymore. Sad, I've been a Gawker fan since the Emily and Choire days.

Au revoir.

Change. What Is It Good For?

I got hooked on Gawker two or three years ago for its edginess and wit. The previous editor(s) replied with interest to one or two of my questions, so I hope the current crew is similarly interested.

I'm really disliking the revamp. What's with the longer form Narcissistic features like today's OCD thing about bugs and sex? As for the cute cats things and the recapping of STEWART/COLBERT, we can get those things elsewhere. Gawker used to have a uniqueness about it.

I never "got" the registration thing so I don't comment. Things were better. And it's not just a resisting-Change thing.

Inflammatory Writ

What a poor excuse for journalism. The claim was that stem cells were used in research, not in the food. Also the term "stem cells" can refer to adult stem cells, not just those taken from fetuses.
Don't get me wrong. I oppose abortion and the use of stem cells for research, but this is just inflammatory gibberish!

That's All

You Fucking Suck.
That's all.