As you've probably already heard, Gawker Stalker is back—much to the chagrin of a certain salt-and-peppered, pig-loving, A-lister. And to celebrate its return, Gawker has teamed up with Samsung SMART cameras to bring you some handy-dandy tips for spotting your very own fameball. We've already shown you where to see celebs when they are both in repose and on the prowl, so today we're giving you tips on how to confirm whether that weird-looking, skinny chick in Jackie O. glasses is actually important, or, you know, just some weird-looking skinny chick in Jackie O. glasses.

Posse Power

Celebrities often travel amongst a flock of other less famous people. This isn't because they are inherently altruistic creatures, but because their perfection becomes all the more dazzling in contrast. When confronted with a seemingly out-of-place cluster of plebs, check who is footing the bill—there may be a star in their unwashed midst.

Good Grooming

The other half have this amazing ability to look pulled together-ish even after a tedious schedule of filming movies all day and hobnobbing to all hours of the night. This is primarily due to two things: good skin care and good shoes. Even up close, real A-listers have dewy, glossy complexions that make most babies jealous. They also wear shoes that can only be afforded by someone raking in summer blockbuster bucks. Rapidly scan the feet and faces of all you meet, and you're sure to spot a celeb in no time.

Learn From the Masters

This might seem like an, "Oh, duuh" tip, but if you see a large group of dudes with cameras swarming an S.U.V., then get up in there! The paparazzi have a wealth of tipsters at their disposal—meaning they are usually the first ones to the scene. If you want an honest-to-goodness palm-to-camera lens kind of shot, just keep your eyes peeled for the pap's tell-tale flashbulbs.

The best possible tip for maximizing your star sighting? Make sure you always have your Samsung SMART camera with you. With a long list of incredible features—like Live Panorama (so you can capture the perfect scene with the entire entourage in it), 720p HD Movie Recording, and the ability to upload images and video directly to Microsoft Skydrive via Wi-Fi—Samsung SMART cameras are just what you need to become a paparazzo-in-training.

Head here for more info on the entire line of Samsung SMART cameras, and check back in a few days for some advice on all the gear you need to make your celeb safari a successful one.