As you've probably already heard, Gawker Stalker is back—much to the chagrin of a certain salt-and-peppered, pig-loving, A-lister. And to celebrate its return, Gawker has teamed up with Samsung SMART cameras to bring you some handy-dandy tips for spotting your very own fameball.

So far the guide has shown you where to see stars when they are out and about, and how to confirm that they are actually worth your creepy gawking. In today's final installment we give you a glimpse at all the gear you'll need for a successful stargazing adventure.

Stay Shady

If staking out celebs is going to become a regular pastime, then a little bit of anonymity is imperative. Once you get pegged as potential paparazzi, no star is going to want to get within wide-angle lens-distance of you—so try blending into the crowd. A classic pair of Aviators, a basic (yet luxe) black tee, and some dark jeans will keep you adaptable and under the radar.

Keep Comfy

If you're going to spend the day star chasing, then you best do it in comfort. Beating the street searching for celebs can be tough, painful business, so wear a sturdy pair of shoes that can stand up to all terrains (you never know when you'll have to climb a canyon, or tromp through a Chinatown alley to get your pic). Also, load up on the SPF—nothing says out-of-touch out-of-towner like a farmer's tan and a forehead burn.

Gear Up

Celebrities travel around in SUVs and taxis. Celebrity oglers travel around on public transit and bicycles. A folding bike is perfect for star searching excursions because you can cover a lot of ground and transfer from one means of transport to another with relative ease. And, if you're going to be jostling around on a bike all day, you'll need a safe way to protect a pap's most precious tool—your camera. A neoprene case will snugly secure it, so when you get a tip that your fave star is just around the corner, you can throw your camera in your bag and set off on the chase once more.

The best possible tip for maximizing your star sighting? Make sure you always have your Samsung SMART camera with you. With a long list of connected features-including Remote Viewfinder, which allows you to operate your camera from your smartphone—Samsung's SMART cameras are just what you need to become a paparazzo-in-training. Head here for more info on the entire line of Samsung SMART cameras.