Pam Shaw is a 70-year-old cabaret singer from Greater Manchester who claims she's never had sex. Despite her misleading nom de cabaret, "The Sexational Pam," the Septuagenarian says she is opposed to extramarital shim sham, and has simply never found a man worth her flower.

But "now's the time," she tells The Sun. "I'm ready to take the plunge for the right bloke."

It's not as if life hasn't presented her with plenty of opportunities to pop open her Pandora's Box: Pam's shared the stage with Englebert Humperdinck and Tom Jones, both of whom she spent amble backstage time with, but never let touch her pussycat.

"Men saw the outfits I wore on stage and thought I would be easy," she says. "But I've never really been intimate with a man, just a bit of kissing. I had a sexy stage name and dressed sexy but that was all for my career."

Though she admits she's now open to the possibility of settling down, Pam warns prospective suitors that her standards are still very high. "I'm hoping to bag a tall, dark and handsome millionaire," she says.

Any takers?

[photo via John Robertson/Barcroft Media/Landov via Yahoo]