Have you heard that video is a big thing over at Gawker Media? It's true, we watch and post a lot of videos each week. Here are some of the best videos of week, culled from an array of Gawker Media sites.

Mom Who Posed With Boob in Preschooler's Mouth: ‘It's Not Right for Everybody'

Jamie Lynne Grumet, whose left breast achieved stardom this week by appearing on the cover of Time while inside her nearly four-year-old son's mouth, went on the Today Show to discuss the controversial cover. View »

An Unassisted Triple Play Is So Easy A 6-Year-Old Can Do It

And to think, there's only been 15 of these in MLB history. Pffft. View »

An amazing short film about a beetle with surreal chemical powers

This is The Eagleman Stag, a BAFTA-award-winning stop-motion animated short by director Mikey Please. It's about an entomologist who discovers a unique insect with an anatomy that can alter human consciousness in incredible ways. View »

Brand New PlayStation Vita Game Gets a Crazy Short Teaser

Soul Sacrifice is an upcoming brand new PS Vita game, and details about it first hit last month. But today, Sony teased the game's upcoming reveal (full reveal, rather) on May 10. It clocks in at just over 36 seconds. View »

An Amazing Vintage Video About the World's First Accurate Atomic Clock

This short video, made at the UK's National Physical Laboratory, proudly explains the science behind the world's first accurate atomic clock. It was designed by Louis Essen and built at the National Physical Laboratory in 1955, and the video is worth watching for the voice-over alone. View »

Jon Hamm's Dating Advice to Teenage Girls: Everybody Farts

Jon Hamm recently took the hot seat in Rookie Mag's feature Ask a Grown Man to dispense dating advice to young girls. How does Rookie always score the best guests? The answer, I suspect, is Tavi. It always comes back to Tavi. View »

Sexy Lady Disrupts Mexican Presidential Debate with Boobs, Butt

For reasons nobody can entirely explain, a provocatively dressed Playboy Playmate sashayed across the stage at last night's Mexican presidential debate, causing candidates to ogle openly and igniting some sort of nationwide sex riot, the AP reports. View »

And Here's A Woman Stumbling Out Onto The Court During Tonight's Nuggets-Lakers Playoff Game [UPDATE]

We're used to our idiots on the field being male and at baseball games, but stereotypes be damned! We had a woman try to join the action in Denver tonight as the Nuggets and Lakers wound down the first half of their Game Four matchup. View »

Giving Women the Vote Was a Huge Mistake, Says Fox News Dude

Here's a video of Jesse Lee Peterson, frequent Fox News guest and vocal Tea Party supporter, saying some really nutty stuff about how women are ruining everything. If you're like me and get great joy out of watching out-of-touch Neanderthals embarrass themselves, you'll love this video. View »

Finally, A Good Look at Beyond Good & Evil 2's Detailed, Dirty Environments

It's been a virtual flood of leaks and glimpses this week for Beyond Good & Evil 2. There've been comments about tech requirements and a screenshot of the sequel's gameworld. Now, a video flythrough of the environmental design has popped up. View »

Easily the most insane animal footage ever caught on an undersea camera

If you thought those submersible videos of swordfish and sperm whales were something special, here's something right out of The Abyss. View »

Maurice Sendak Reflects on Life and Death

Here's a clip from the 2009 HBO documentary Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait of Maurice Sendak in which the recently deceased and eternally beloved children's author reflects on the beauty and importance of life and death. View »

Now Bryce Harper Has Started Stealing Home

As if the young man needed to do even more audacious things, Nationals rookie sensation Bryce Harper stole home during a Cole Hamels pickoff attempt in the first inning of tonight's game against the Phillies. Some balls this guy has! (That is just an assumption that as a professional baseball player he possesses many baseballs.) View »

Why You Should Watch and Record Video in 720p Instead of 1080i

Despite the many technological advancements we've had over the past few years, interlaced video seems to have stuck around. Interlaced is the "i" in 1080i and the reason it's not quite as good as 720p. It's in your cable, your televisions, and your camcorder View »

The World's Best Commute Starts With A Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Meet Patrick Long, factory-backed Porsche driver in the America Le Mans Series. Here is his daily commute, around Alabama's Barber Motorsports Park, in his personal 911 GT3 RS 4.0. Because you didn't envy him enough already. View »

Jon Stewart Weighs In On President Obama's Same Sex Marriage Comments

Earlier today, President Obama stated that he believes that same sex couples should be able to marry. On tonight's Daily Show, Jon Stewart weighed in on those comments and the reaction to them. He also had some harsh words for North Carolina and the state's new stringent anti-marriage equality law. View »

Clint Dempsey's 50th Premiership Goal Was Fittingly Beautiful

Clint Dempsey's outstanding run of form this season continued this morning as he opened the scoring of today's Fulham-Sunderland match with a fantastic free kick goal, his 50th in the English Premier League. View »