Tickets to the Big 'Jews Against the Internet' Rally Are Hot on Ebay

At Gawker, we do our best to contribute to the moral degeneracy of the internet each day. So we were unsurprised to learn a group of ultra-Orthodox Jews have planned a massive rally at Queens' Citi Field to raise awareness of the dangers of the internet next Sunday. (Men only!)

More surprising is that they sold out the entire 42,000-seat stadium, where famous rabbis will "discuss the dangers of the Internet and formulate a communitywide response," according to the Wall Street Journal. Even more surprising is this auction for two tickets to the sold-out "internet asifa" on, which is a website on the internet. Originally sold for $10, they're currently going for $51 with more than six days to go. Talk about a danger of the internet: What a rip-off. [via]