All the Ways in Which Being Poor or Uneducated Will Kill You Quicker

The CDC has released its big huge annual report about this nation in which we live (America), and how our health is, here (in America). A special highlight this year is a detailed look at exactly how being poor and/ or uneducated will screw your health. (In addition to your sociopolitical status and fundamental sense of human dignity.) Don't like being disadvantaged? Don't worry, you'll die soon. A rundown:

Americans with less education...

  • Have higher rates of obesity among their children.
  • Breastfeed their children less.
  • Have a significantly shorter life expectancy.
  • Are far more likely to be obese, if they're women (but not men!).
  • Are more likely to smoke.
  • Are less likely to get tested for colorectal cancer.

Poorer Americans...


  • Have kids that spend more time watching television.
  • Are less likely to have insurance for themselves and their families.
  • Are more likely to have kids with ADD.
  • Are less likely to get their kids regular dental care.
  • Have higher rates of depression.
  • Are more likely to have a disability.
  • Are far more likely to have lost all of their teeth.
  • Are more likely to delay needed medical care due to cost.
Hey, maybe these trends will turn around next year.

[The full report]