The official trailer for Baz Luhrmann's 3D extravaganzabonanza The Great Gatsby has arrived, as if you didn't wish you lived in 1920s New York enough already.

It opens with establishing shots of the city (and, in a lovely bit of foreshadowing, people being very unsafe in a car) soundtracked by Kanye & Jay-Z (& Frank Ocean)'s song "No Church in the Wild." If you want to make your own cheesier version, put the video on mute and play "Empire State of Mind" instead. New Yooooork.

The name "Gatsby" is said approximately 800 times. Everyone looks very glamorous in their sparkly, drop-waist flapper dresses, including Leonardo DiCaprio. Everyone's hair is very short, because it was a different time.


A couple years from now, high school sophomores will no doubt enjoy sending one another lots of texts (Trying to start drama? Keep my name out of your mouth.) for the duration of the film when their English teacher lets them watch it as a reward for finishing the [SparkNotes summary of the] book.

The movie is set to crash into theaters like a daisy into myrtle this Christmas.


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