A Romanian news reporter is making some news of his own after getting caught on camera recreating a sand storm he was unable to capture live.

The reporter, who ironically works for a news network called "The Reality TV," was informing viewers that winds along the Black Sea coast were blowing at over 60km per hour, knocking down umbrellas and forcing tourists to seek shelter.

For emphasis, a production assistant was ordered to kick some sand in the direction of the camera, but miscommunication with the cameraman led to his makeshift sand storm getting caught in the frame. That didn't deter the assistant, who kept diligently punting away for the remainder of the report.

For its part, the news station released a statement claiming the report "was not doctored" but was merely the victim of "a bad joke made by the cameraman."

UPDATE: I just received this clarification in an email from Adrian Boioglu, the reporter in the video above: "Yes, I was the guy in the video. Here's what happened: The guy behind me kicking the sand was the cameraman from another TV Station. His name is Marius Pantu and he works for 'Digi 24' News Network. He kicked the sand as a joke (bad joke if you ask me). As I said, he was behind me so I couldn't see him while I was LiVE on TV."

Feuding news networks playing pranks on each other during live reports? Methinks we could use some of that over here.