Meet Traven, a 6-year-old pageant prince from Pulaski, Illinois, whose mother encourages him to be as womanizing as possible, but also got him into pageants "because he was so cute and he looked like a little girl." So yeah, there's more psychology going on in this episode of Toddlers & Tiaras than usual. This definitely feels like an a-star-is-born moment, but still I don't know what to think of Traven. He's cute, has charisma and uses nonsense words like "delican," but he's also a monster. He disrespects adults regularly — he "fires" his barber and tells his grandmother that she should go work at the Pony, their local strip club — and he's regularly applauded for doing so ("Man, I am something else," he says at one point, to the delight and agreement of every adult in the room). This is funny to watch but I imagine a lot less charming in person and regardless, Traven is a ticking time bomb of irreverence. He's not going to get away with this shit for much longer. Good thing he has reality TV to preserve this moment in amber.

Traven wasn't the episode's only vehicle of the extreme human behavior. Four-year-old Ava-Cate is so naughty that she can't stop spanking herself during rehearsal for the beauty portion of her pageant (I just feel like throwing in there that the three categories of last night's profiled Fairy Tale Princess Pageant were Beauty, Fairy and Denim). Anyway, this is a really big fuck-you from a 4-year-old who's being pushed into something she doesn't feel like doing. She isn't a voice of a generation; she's the voice of hers.