On page 14 of the Lake Norman High School yearbook there is a photo of a girl lifting her graduation gown and exposing her hooha.

Or so it would seem: A spokeswoman for the Iredell-Statesville School District in North Carolina left open the possibility that what appeared to be the student's "genitalia" was merely her thighs bunched together.

But rather than wait for a backlash to maybe ensue, the school thought to speed up the process by texting the families to "warn them" about the photo, and offer refunds. Shockingly, no one cared.

According to WSOC-TV, only one book was returned as of yesterday.

Not ones to let a manufactured moral panic die out unexhausted, the district vowed to investigate, and take action as necessary.

"I can assure the parents of Iredell-Statesville Schools that I take all complaints very seriously," said the district in a statement. "Our administration began investigating as soon as they were made aware of this complaint. Since the investigation is not complete at this point, I hesitate to rush to judgment, but let me be clear, there is accountability in I-SS and if action is required it will be taken."

No word on what exactly that means, but WSOC-TV has already put the possibility of child pornography charges to rest by confirming that the girl in the photo was already 18 at the time.

So the sicko families who opted to hold on to the crotchbooks can rest easy in the knowledge that, as sexually depraved as they may be, at least they are not a bunch of degenerate upskirting pedophiles.

[video via Arbroath, screengrab via WSOC-TV]