Amanda Bynes kept out of the news for a while — and given the kind of attention she's been getting recently, she probably wishes it had stayed that way.

Bynes is now being accused of another hit-and-run: on April 10, she allegedly hit her BMW into another car on the 5 freeway, then hastily exited and ran through a red light to elude the other driver.

If true, this incident occurred only four days after her confirmed hit-and-run, in which she drunkenly clipped a cop car in West Hollywood.

Earlier this month, Bynes was accused of, yes, another hit-and-run. When confronted by police, however, she claimed she hadn't felt the minor accident and was sent on her way.

The witness in the latest incident ID-ed the actress by her profile. (I guess she was a big fan of The Amanda Show?) A call to Enterprise, however, confirmed that Bynes had rented the car.

Remember, if you see Bynes on the road, don't engage, proceed with caution, and — by all means — don't get in her way.

[Image via AP]