Kevin Smith likes movies the way you like Cheeze Puffs — that is to say, a lot. He likes making movies, he likes watching movies, and he likes talking about movies. Basically, if movies were a pretty lady, he'd want to kiss her a million times. In fact, Kevin Smith likes movies so much, that he's hosting Spoilers, a Hulu Original Series all about how awesome movies are.

Spoilers is a 30-minute talk show in which Kevin and an audience head to the theater on opening night to watch and then discuss the latest summer blockbuster. With a lineup that includes The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises and Total Recall, it's pretty much every fanboy's fantasy date night.

What could possibly be better than watching your movie-making idol talk film with guest stars like Jon Favreau? Watching him do it in person. So if you're in the L.A.-area, sign up for the audience waiting list, and you just might be chosen to fill out the crowd at a live taping.

Check out the trailer above, and click here to see Kevin and the gang review The Amazing Spider-Man on this week's episode of Spoilers.