Sometimes, if we are lucky, readers and interested parties use our Tips email address to send us "tips." If we are lucky, they can lead to great stories. If we are really lucky, they are more like what follows.

From: Adam
Subject: Here's a tip.

Gawker is pretty awful...

You're welcome,


From: Theo
Subject: tip....

heres a tip go look in the mirror !!!!!

From: Maxwell
Subject: Here's A Tip

Stop behaving like you're part of a poliburo.

From: Emily
Subject: here's a tip

...Please become interesting again.


From: Matthew
Subject: Here's a tip

...The discussions that follow articles are just as entertaining, and usually as important, as the story itself.

tisk tisk A.J.

From: Rebecca
Subject: Here's a tip...

...The new commenting sucks.

Thanks for sucking it up again Gawker!
Always a pleasure,

From: here is a tip
Subject: Joao

FIX the site navigation.

From: Here's a Tip
Subject: Kim

I used to expect better from Gawker – we used to get better from Gawker


From: Ainsley
Subject: Yeah here's a tip

...You all just completely botched a good thing. Nice. Gawker is off my bookmarks list for good.

From: Chloé
Subject: John cook is a terrible writer

Dear gawker,

here is a tip :
You should get better writers .

From: Colin
Subject: comments

Here's a tip... go back to the old commenting system!!!

From: Bill
Subject: A Tip!

Here's a tip for you smelly assholes:


From: KLH
Subject: tip

...As a fellow lib,here s a tip of advice:Get a F*CKING life!

From: Matthew
Subject: Gawker

Here's a tip: your website redesign blows... A 79 year-old Amish grandpa could design a better site.

From: carol
Subject: Here's a tip for ya

...your long-term success is in doubt.

From: J.R.
Subject: Here's a tip for you... fucking idiots will lose another election.

From: Rick
Subject: here's a tip

You guys are losers!


You need a life, either find one or buy one.

From: Anne
Subject: (empty)

Here's a tip for ya. You're all a bunch of ASSHOLES!

From: Donna
Subject: Here's a tip

Get a good lawyer, in fact get at least a dozen. [...]


From: Dan
Subject:Here's a tip

...Foster Kamer is a lying sack of excrement.

From: Thom
Subject: Here's a tip

Try using an actual picture of Leighton Meester, maybe.

From: Woody
Subject: Tip

Here's a tip for you. Don't trash the recently deceased... It really makes you look like classless scum. Good look with your brand imaging now, jack-asses.

From: Bill
Subject: Tip

Here's a tip. You're going to jail assholes.

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