Police in Vancouver are looking into the possibility that a hand and foot mailed to two local schools are linked to the "body parts murder" that took place in Montreal last month.

A package containing the foot arrived by post at the private all-boys St. George's School shortly after the hand was discovered at False Creek elementary school. "The investigation is only a few hours old now, so I can't link it to anything right now," said Vancouver police Deputy Chief Warren Lemcke at a press conference.

Porn actor Luka Rocco Magnotta, who was arrested at an Internet cafe in Berlin on Monday, is suspected of murdering 33-year-old university student Lin Jun and dismembering his body.

Lin's hand and foot were later mailed to the Ottawa headquarters of the federal Liberal and Conservative parties. His torso was found inside a suitcase behind Magnotta's apartment building in Montreal. His head remains missing.

School officials are baffled as to why their institutions were targeted. Magnotta had not been a former student, nor is he believed to be associated with anyone currently at the schools. According to the Vancouver Sun, Magnotta's only real connection to Vancouver is that he was once employed by a local porn company.

[photo via AP]