Walt Disney World has an official policy that prohibits guests from dressing up in adult costumes "that can be viewed as representative of an actual Disney character" so as to not confuse children looking for "the real deal."

But 15-year-old April Spielman, who came to the park dressed as Tinker Bell, says Disney spoiled her magical time by refusing to allow her to do as she pleases.

Security guards asked her to change her clothes before entering Animal Kingdom. "They said I looked too good," Spielman told WKMG through tears. "It just broke my heart," she says. "I didn't want to take off the costume."

Park officials provided Spielman and her boyfriend — who was dressed as Peter Pan — with a free set of replacement clothing, FastPasses for their whole family so they could skip to the front of all ride lines, and additional assistance throughout their stay.

Still, that was not quite enough to mend Spielman's broken heart.

"They were talking how the little girls, it ruins their dreams," she said. "But it ruined my dreams because I just want to be Tinker Bell."

[video via The Hollywood Reporter]