A McDonald's restaurant in Tampa apparently had so many health code violations it initially barred a state health inspector from entering the kitchen.

After he threatened the manager with an administrative complaint, the inspector was finally allowed in, only to find over two dozen dead cockroaches under the front service counter and five live ones by the kitchen sink.

A call to the state's health department was initiated by a customer who says a live roach fell from the ceiling onto their three-year-old, and then proceeded to "crawl across his Chicken McNuggets."

McDonald's released a statement shortly after the inspection blaming the incident with the inspector on "miscommunication," and claiming that "the findings were acted upon and the restaurant is in complete compliance with health regulations."

However, an investigation by a local news station found that "numerous flying insects" could still be spotted by the service counter along with other food-related violations.

[H/T: Eater, screengrab via WTSP]