Actor Brian Presley, whose alleged attempt to hit on model and seatmate Melissa Stetten during a recent flight from LA to New York was live-tweeted by the latter and has since gone viral, posted a Facebook message last night denying Stetten's version of events.

"None of what this person said happened is true," Presley wrote to his 1,683 fans. "I guess in today's age you have to be careful who you say hello too [sic]."

The married actor, best known for playing Jack Ramsey on the canceled ABC soap Port Charles, claims he spent 10 minutes engaged in a "friendly conversation with the person sitting next to me, had some food, and went to sleep," only to learn today that "this person has been tweeting about me drinking beer in the airplane bathroom, and trying to commit adultery with her on the airplane."

He humblebraggedly commended Stetten on her fiction-writing skills, saying "I was on a soap opera for years and never did the writers write something this good."

The 34-year-old Texas native, whom Stetten says was drunk during their public tete-a-tete despite his self-professed commitment to teetotalism, insisted in his post that "sobriety, God, and My Family are the most important things in my life," adding: "My Wife Rocks, My Kids Rock, and Sobriety Rocks!!!"

Presley is not the only one claiming Stetten may be telling tall tales.

When this story first began to gain traction, ShortFormBlog recommended that its readers take Stetten's tweets "with a grain of salt," noting her recently concluded relationship with shock jock Anthony Cumia of The Opie & Anthony Show, as well as previous tweet wherein she attempted to fool her followers into believing she had won March's historic Mega Millions jackpot.

Responding to Presley's denial, Stetten tweeted a screenshot of his Facebook post accompanied by the words "now THIS is funny."

[photos via @MelissaStetten, WENN]