In an interesting turn of events this week, a barrage of our defenders came barreling into our inboxes, which is almost more unsettling than the death threats we are accustomed to. What gives, guys? The inmates have become the guards, brothers fighting brothers, up is down and left is right. Anyway, enjoy the roundup and this blessed summer weekend.


"Of course in real life I let the guy work in."

It does not surprise me in any way that you are unable to assert yourself in "real life."


No Share, No Care

I've never commented or emailed an author of any sort of post on any site before, but I felt compelled after reading your article.

Quite frankly, you are 100% wrong. If you finish a set, get the fuck off the bench. Allow other people to use it. Oftentimes there are only 1-2 flat/incline/decline benches in a gym, and for you to monopolize it catching your breath is a fucking dick move. Simply move your fat ass off of it, catch your breath 5 feet away, and allow someone else to get their set in. Leave your weights, that's fine, but for you to act entitled to be the only person to use a piece of equipment for up to 10 minutes to finish however many sets your workout entails is completely unnecessary. I will always politely ask to 'work-in,' and afterwards I will wipe the bench, put my weights on the rack/return it to your weight, and if that is such a fucking inconvenience to you, then buy a home gym and work out there.

And yes, I will hover over you. Because you are using and monopolizing the one piece of gym equipment I need and are unwilling to share. Yes I will ask to help you, not out of benevolence, but because I hope that will weird you out enough so I can get my fucking workout going. Yes I will hover over you because you catching your breath, monopolizing a piece of equipment, is inconveniencing me.

Mind Games

I think your redesign is really functional and nice. I wish the infinite scroll stuff worked when I go "back" on the iPhone, but other than that I think it's really easy to see new stuff at-a-glance, hasn't bugged out on me, and I appreciate all the ajax-y stuff. The writing? I wish it employed a little smart over snark sometimes but, whatcha gonna do - gotta get those page views.

Go Gawker!

An Intern Applies

LIFT MORE WEIGHTS..... someone said that to a coworker who asked for a tip while i was a valet. seriously though, you guys are doing an awesome job. people who complain about the commenting are stupid because they are internet commenters, who are inherently stupid. when was the last time you were impressed or even interested by a string of comments? i rest my case. stay breezy.


p.s. hire me as an intern. i'm a college graduate with a high gps. inquire within for more information.

An Intern Will Not Be Hired

nevermind. i blew the intern opportunity by not using capitals and saying gps instead of gpa, though gawker writers have made similar mistakes OHHHHH.

But...When You Think About It, Is That a Tip, Really?

Here's a tip Gawker, I do love you. I love you very very much. I only wish you fire all those hypersensitive man-hating fascists assholes over at Jezebel.


Fuck You BabyJane


I'm drunk as hell but just wanna say fuck all those gawker haters.