Stephen Colbert is vying to become the next Swede to speak on behalf of the Nordic country via the Kingdom's official Twitter account.

After Sweden's "Curators of Sweden" initiative — which aims to have a different Swede at the helm of @sweden every week — experienced some "technical difficulties" yesterday, Colbert seized the opportunity to offer the county his services as a bona fide Twitter celebrity (compare Colbert's 3.5 million followers with Sweden's paltry 45,000).

The Twitter initiative nearly imploded after the most recent "Tweeting Swede," 27-year-old Sonja Abrahamsson, used her new-found platform to ask "what the fuzz" was up "with jews."

Stephen Colbert assured Sweden he knows exactly "what the ‘fuzz' is with Jews," before launching "Operation Artificial Swedener," an email campaign which seeks to put pressure on the Swedish Institute in an effort to make Colbert an honorary Swede for a week.

As only Swedish citizens are allowed to handle @sweden, Colbert currently lacks the necessary pedigree to take over the account.

But the Swedish Institute is not willing to rule out the possibility that he may yet be considered for the initiative. "People who are not Swedish citizens cannot take over the account, not yet anyway," The group's media relations manager Sergio Guimaraes said.

Asked if emails and Twitter appeals from Colbert Nation could persuade the Institute to put Colbert in the tweeter's seat, Guimaraes told The Local it was "not a question of pressure."

"We have a very long list already," he said. "The queue is huge. We'll sit down and truly consider the goals of the account before we change anything."

[screengrab via Colbert Nation]