The people have spoken, or whatever. Former RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Carmen Carrera's protest and petition-launching after being ridiculed on Monday's episode of Cake Boss have resulted in TLC deciding to halt all planned future airings of the episode. The network has also removed it from online retailers. This move is, unsurprisingly, approved by GLAAD, which says on its blog:

This is a welcome and needed action on the network's part to help fix the issue. In the original, the dehumanizing prank set-up consisted of a cast member flirting with Carerra before it was revealed to him that she was a transgender woman, at which point one of the cast members exclaimed "It's a man, baby." The mean-spirited setup and result utterly belittled her gender as a transgender woman, and has no place on the air...

...Carrera spoke with GLAAD after being told the episode had been pulled, saying: "It's clear that TLC is taking this seriously and showing a genuine concern - which means a lot of me. It's not okay for media to make a mockery and perpetuate ignorance. Over the past 24 hours, I have been flooded with support and I want transgender women to know that we have a voice. Transgender women are some of the bravest people that I know and I hope to be there for them when they face discrimination like this in their daily lives. We deserve to be respected as any other woman and embraced for who we are- not made to feel like we are less than human."

Both Cousin Anthony (the prankee, who later referred to Carrera on Twitter as "it") and Buddy "Cake Boss" Valastro have apologized, the latter saying on Facebook:

I've been trying to connect with Carmen and apologize to her directly, but also think I owe an apology to the entire LGBT community. It was absolutely not my intention to upset or offend her, or anyone within the community, and I was wrong to use the words I did. I am a supporter of gay rights and equality, and while I regret this situation and my choice of words, I am thankful to have received this feedback and the opportunity to learn from this mistake. I hope that Carmen accepts my sincere regrets.

So, that's that. The 99th episode of Cake Boss, "Bar Mitzvah, Beads & Oh Baby!," has been wiped from the universe. Oh, except we totally have the offending scene still posted. Collector's item!