Meet Ihor Stetkewycz.

Mr. Stetkewycz — AKA Mr. Clean Up (Not Mr. Clean, mind you, Mr. Clean Up) — is from Mars but lives in Warren and is cleaning up Detroit. Go figure that one out.

Mr. Stetkewycz is a man's man, and, as such, don't take no orders from no woman by the way. When someone — probably a woman — asked Mr. Stetkewycz to clean up large chunks of wood he dumped in the middle of the street on Detroit's East Side, he told her to "shut up" because he "don't listen to women yelling."

Speaking with a local news station, Mr. Stetkewycz said he plans to clean up the wood — after all, that is his nickname — but it was unclear if he managed to do so before being arrested on a separate charge of indecent exposure.

Asked to explain himself, Mr. Stetkewycz told Action News, "my mom bought me pants that were ten sizes too big for me."

Sadly, it seems the one thing Mr. Clean Up could not clean up is his act: He had missed three pretrial hearing dates, and was late to the latest one.

On the bright side, at least there are no bossy women to annoy him in jail (not that he would take orders from them anyway by the way.)

[H/T: Videogum.]