An unnamed Facebook user recently posted a status update about a serious slug problem he's been dealing with, saying that the last straw was waking up to find a "slug trail almost all the way to the door of my room."

Having had it with these motherfucking slugs in his motherfucking house, this crafty individual designed a "salt gauntlet" that seeks to weed out the weak slugs, while still providing a reward for those that make it through.

"The rules of the gauntlet are simple," he writes.

Any slug that touches the salt walls will most likely die a fiery death. Any slug valiant enough to complete the gauntlet will be rewarded with a hearty amount of jam and entry to the house. The gauntlet will increase in difficulty with each successful slug.

With "apologies in advance to any slug activists out there," the medieval exterminator posted an update a few days later to say that so far one slug has tried and failed to make its way safely to Jam Mountain.

"Is this just the vanguard of a greater attack," the slug slayer asks. "Who knows? Maybe the others got a look at the first slug and decided it wasn't worth it. Either way, the slug died a warrior's death, and the house is clear for now."

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