Details of the bar brawl between Chris Brown and Drake are still hazy. While initial reports said that Drake was leaving the club when the actual fighting started, the New York Daily News' sources claim the NYPD is focusing on Drake as the instigator.

But let's talk about Hollie C., the Australian woman who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She's pointing fingers at both Brown and Drake.

The reason why I have 16 stitches on my head, on my face, is because of some stupid famous people having a fight over a girl.

The fight was allegedly over Rihanna — although more recent reports have contested that as well.

Regardless of what exactly happened that night, someone owes Hollie C. an apology and some financial compensation. Maybe a bottle of champagne, too, as long as it's delivered the proper way and not hurled across a crowded room.