A stage in Toronto's Downsview Park collapsed yesterday before a Radiohead performance, killing the band's drum technician Scott Johnson, and injuring three others.

Johnson's death was confirmed by Radiohead representative Laura Eldeiry. According to Toronto Police, Johnson — who was in his mid-30s — was crushed by the rubble and pronounced dead at the scene.

Of the three people injured, only one was admitted to the hospital. The 45-year-old man, who suffered a head injury, is not in life-threatening danger. The other two were treated for their injuries at the scene.

The Ontario Ministry of Labor is investigating the collapse to determine what caused it, and if appropriate safety measures were taken beforehand. Spokesman Matt Blajer said the structure was "still fairly unstable."

The Radiohead concert was, as one might assume, canceled.

[Image via AP/Chris Pizzello]