The BBC reported Thursday that a cloud that totally looked kind of like a hat was spotted over Japan Wednesday morning.

The cloud, identified in the BBC's headline as a "rare hat-shaped cloud" appeared in the sky near Mt. Fuji after a typhoon swept through the region.

Like many a hat, the cloud had sort of a tall cylindrical middle part and also a wide bit, like a brim, stuck near the very bottom. Unlike most hats, the cloud was giant and made of cloud things and not technically a hat.

According to the BBC's Peter Dobbie, the cloud was likely caused by the typhoon, though it's hard not to infer that God's millinerial tastes might also have played a role.

The cloud, which one could be forgiven for mistaking for a hat, disappeared after around thirty minutes, when, Dobbie ominously intones, "the sky…became…overcast."

Fans of BBC cloud news will no doubt recall the day last December when different rare clouds not shaped like hats were spotted over West Yorkshire.

[BBC // Image via Shutterstock/Yuri Arcurs ]