Happy Gay Pride, all you movers and shakers out there. Please enjoy this week's hatemail roundup, courtesy of you guys. Also, if you're new to the site you may want to show yourself to our informative, completely inaccurate Wikipedia page. G'night!

Subject: Life

Get a life you Fucking Maggot

Bristle Bristal

no one gives a shit about bristol ( bristle bristal) palin.... here's the tip. Stop printing anything about her and people will stop thinking that you are assholes for perpetuating this crap.

Lift More Weights, Hamilton

This sounds like an article coming from a jealous hater. Get with it. Maybe some of us exercise to vent emotions or deal with the drama of everyday life. And the fact that a mirror is at a gym is so you can keep your form, not be some narcissistic idiot. It doesn't make people self-absorbed to want to go to the gym and actually take care of themselves. I stopped reading after the second paragraph because your poor attempt at bashing "gym rats" by using overemphasized adjectives wasn't amusing and I should know amusing because I voted for Obama. If you want to take your anger out on something, don't be a lanky prick and pick up a weight before you become an amorphous blob. You mad bro?

I Genuinely Don't Understand the Below Email

Thank you. Oprah and 50 cents, that was excellent confrontation skills, to solve he said she said rumors an perceived slights or insults. This is the way adults are suppose to talk.


lets be real here. you get on rosenberg because he's white and talking about a black woman in "hip-hop." nicki minaj aint hip hop unless you think a bunch of teenage girls with wide ass pussies at age 17 is hip-hop. that shit is trash. being black does not make you hip hop. being white does not make you not hip-hop. having a blog does not mean you can talk about shit you dont know about.(JK, IT TOTES DOES). you like nicki, you shout out her songs in the comments. your a total goon, bruh. rosenberg knows people in the game, hes an NY vet who happens to be white. its cool to be white and jewish in hip-hop when you die (i.e. MCA) i guess. the real issue is that you blame rosenberg for nicki minaj not performing in front of her thousands of wide pussy young bitch fans. she's soft. she couldnt take it. thats rosenberg's job—-talking shit. hes on the radio. hes down with the real ny cats. summer jam has been a joke for 15 years now but dont blame rosenberg for speakin the truth about some garbage ass pop songs that wannabee sluts purchase on itunes with their ipad on the way back from private school in white plains in their moms new vovlo hatchback. just cause you heard "crossover" for the first time last week on the sirius old school rap channel doesnt mean you know shit, duke. just stick to writing about pop shit bc thats what you do and thats what gawker does. (besides d-spin, and i bet most of the dudes over there think youre straight trash, homie.) go enjoy a penis in your booty area and while you're at it ask Gawker for a transfer to Jezebel. I think you'd connect more with the readers over there.


Hey dip shits responsible for all these muthafuckin changes,

I'm sick of all these muthafuckin changes on this muthafuckin website! I actually used to enjoy browsing through this muthafucka, especially the muthafuckin comments, which were usually insightful and clever. Now y'all hired a dumbshit muthafucka who's driving away your fan base. I know y'all have noticed the deteriorating quality of the comments and stories. I'm having to go to muthafuckin Deadspin and Kotaku just to get my fix.

You guys should make one last change, and that's back to the good ol' days, when you had the formula nailed down and your readers actually enjoyed your site. Good luck with the future, I'll check in periodically.

Kiss my ass bitches,

Pride Week!

Gay or not gay? Seriously?

Pride Weekend!

This new series of yours is absolute bullshit. Retire it and don't continue to embarrass your publication or post.