"Albert Roundtree Jr. is a 6 year old rapper from South Florida," reads the description for "Booty Pop" — the alleged music prodigy's first music video, which, ironically, he is not allowed to watch.

Scenes featuring semi-nude women popping their booties in Albert's face while he raps about "swag" have caused the video to be flagged for content on YouTube. It is now age restricted, meaning only registered users 18 and older can watch it.

If dressing up a child in baller outfits and making him gyrate while proclaiming his ability to make female backsides shake seems wrong to you, you're hardly alone.

Vibe labeled "Booty Pop" child abuse, asserting that a similar video with "a 6-year-old girl swimming in a sea of dick soup" would have resulted in a phone call to "Benson and Stabler" (of NBC's Law & Order: SVU).

Readers of World Star Hip Hop were similarly appalled, expressing incredulity at its very existence.

Meanwhile, the producers of the video, Froze-N-Time Productions, don't seem to share in the revulsion, asking people to spread the word, and calling "Booty Pop" the "music video to end all music video [sic]."

It may not end all music videos, but it could very well be the end of Froze-N-Time Productions.

[H/T: Brobible, video via WSHH]