This week we received mail from a Max Read enthusiast, a Canadian with a simple request, and a person who hates dogs. We're looking into fulfilling the requests that were so kindly asked of us, so next week you can expect a Canada-centric site with a new subtitle. Until then, ciao ciao!

Congrats to Louis on his new BFF

I love gay men who look like lesbians! You can be my new BFF...FTMs are so in right now. You seem more fun than that slut-shaming HamNo and self-involved Rich Juzwiak.
BTW why is Sharon Needles so awful and racist?
LA FEMME - Silvia - ciao ciao

Oh, Canada.

Say something nice about Canada today, you Gawker dickbags.

Guess you're not a dog person?

Gawker's subtitle should read "How many fucking bullshit posts can Neetzan Zimmerman write in a day?"