A performance by punk band Cro-Mags was postponed yesterday after the band's founder and former bassist attacked two current group members in their dressing room. Harley Flanagan burst in right before the group was about to take the stage and started attacking with a hunting knife and his teeth.

Neither of Flanagan's victims received life-threatening injuries but both were taken to the hospital: William Berario was cut above the eye and bitten on the cheek, and Michael "The Gook" Couls was slashed on his arm and stomach.

Witnesses say Flanagan was clearly off even before he got stabby.

I talked to him outside minutes before it happened and I knew something was going to go down. He was like a lunatic outside. Next thing I know he's in the VIP area stabbing people!

By the time he was subdued, Flanagan had suffered a broken leg and a lot of angry glares.

The show, which was part of the CBGB Festival, had to be canceled. While there's nothing more punk rock than getting stabbed, the logistics would have been difficult with two of Cro-Mags' members at Bellevue seeking medical attention. Frontman John Joseph McGowan told the crowd, "You can all thank Harley Flanagan for ruining the night for everyone."

But Flanagan wasn't bothered. Even in handcuffs, he managed to give everyone the finger.

The CBGB Festival organizers have released the following statement about Friday night's events:

We are saddened to learn about the events that occurred last night at Webster Hall. Our primary concern is always the safety and experience of New Yorkers, music fans and the general public. Naturally we will fully cooperate with law enforcement while hoping for the speedy recovery of those injured.

Live music can be incredibly uplifting, empowering and positive. We don't feel the actions of one person should overshadow four amazing days and nights of events that include today's historic and unprecedented free concerts in Times Square and Central Park.

[Image via Flickr/MusicFeedsAU]