We knew The Amazing Spider-Man would be big when it broke its first record earlier this week. Now after six days, it's at the top of the box office with $140 million.

Spider-Man's weekend draw, however, is a slightly more modest $65 million — but that still gives it an edge over its competitors. Ted dropped down to second place with $32.6 million, and Brave stayed in third at $20.2 million, despite falling 41 percent.

But wait, where's Magic Mike? Alas, it went down a whole 60 percent — audiences finally heard about the lack of full-frontal — and ended up in fifth place with $15.6 million. That means new release Savages was in fourth, earning just $16.2 million. Not great for a film that cost $45 million to make. (Compare it to Magic Mike, which only cost $7 million.)

The other weekend release, Katy Perry: Part of Me, didn't crack the top five. Even with a Thursday opening that bumped up it's $7.2 million weekend gross to $10.3 million, it's still nowhere near a hit. It may, however, explain some of Magic Mike's drop in ticket sales: Part of Me audiences were 81 percent female.

[Image via AP/Sony Pictures]