The Music for Pleasure entry in the LateNightTales DJ mix series has been out for about a month now, but it's worth a listen if you've missed it and love lite '70s and '80s cheese. Mixed by Groove Armada's Tom Findlay, this is basically an A-Z of yacht rock. All it's missing is the infomerical full of people drooling over the halcyon days '70s am gold. If it had Boston's "More Than a Feeling," E.L.O.'s "Don't Bring Me Down" and Heart's "Magic Man" were on it, it would have every single non-disco-oriented song from the '70s and by white people that I ever would want to hear.

The "minimix" below is a bunch of snippets smashed together and not exactly indicative of the nice flow Findlay's full-length work achieves. Still, it's an efficient sampling of this blue-eyed soul-ish mix of songs to snort real chill cocaine to. Boz Scaggs is the dopest.