Michigan Humane Society agents, accompanied by Detroit Police officers, descended on the home of Detroit rapper Young Calicoe today to remove animals found on the premises that may have been victims of a dog and cock fighting operation.

The raid was triggered by an online video posted earlier this week to LiveLeak that featured a Cribs-like tour of Calicoe's compound. During the video, the battle rapper refers to his pitbulls as "fighting dogs," and introduces one rooster as "grand champion," saying "we fight them too."

While it was unclear if claims made by Calicoe were truthful or braggadocio — he later denied actually fighting dogs — many viewers noted that the dogs appeared malnourished, and the animals were kept in questionable conditions.

Following news of the raid, Young Calicoe appeared to take issue with claims of animal cruelty, tweeting, "Now that they have Healthy lovable dogs in custody, I just hope that they find nice homes for each and every one of them."

It remains unclear if he will be charged with a crime.

[screengrab via WXYZ]