A whole new generation of theme parties is about to be born, as The Hollywood Reporter announced Wednesday that camp classic Whatever Happened to Baby Jane will soon be remade by director Walter Hill.

The original film, released in 1962, is a hybrid of Grey Gardens, Toddlers and Tiaras, and other gruesome psychological thrillers. It starred famous rivals Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and featured a song-and-dance routine to a dead daddy, "whose address is Heaven above."

Wild speculation about who will be tapped to play alcoholic former child star Baby Jane Hudson and her glamorous crippled sister Blanche can now begin. The obvious choices are alcoholic former child star Kim Richards (though now her most important role is being a mom) and her glamorous bitchy sister Kyle.

The Richardses currently star in a reality-show adaptation of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane that airs on Bravo.

Who would you like to see descend into violent insanity, if Kyle and Kim are unavailable?

[Hollywood Reporter // Image via AP]